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Josh Goodwin


Kevin Peddicord


Tevis Gray


Co-Founders: Tevis Gray and Josh Goodwin bring a combined 20 years of Realty and Banking knowledge to the Real Estate Industry. As partners, the arc group was formed in response to preexisting agency models, that  peddle unchanged and dated strategies as unique selling points. The two founding partners combine Real Estate and Investment Management backgrounds, to disrupt the overall transaction process with a refreshed and consumer centric approach.

Together their beliefs are predicated on the idea that any professional dealing/advising on Real Estate should.

  1. Have a committed personal position within the sector.

  2. Have a balanced team position to review potential purchases, listings, and all property with the appropriate level of detail.

  3. Have a forward looking strategy that prioritizes the adoption and utilization of modern technology as an integral part of their process.

  4. Recognize that the 2018 consumer is a more active part of the search process, and leveraging that opportunity for the consumers benefit, rather than as an obstacle or distraction.